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Bullard Bluebonnet Festival Chili Cookoff - September 16, 2023

Prizes will be given away for 1st place, and people choice winners.



All ingredients must be purchased at a reputable store (Brookshire's, Walmart, etc.) on the day of event. Receipts must be available for the Health Department.

All ingredients must be prepared on site during the preparation period (September 16 at 8am) Taste testing will begin at 11am.

All food must be maintained at food-safe temperatures. You will need to provide your own thermometer that reads below 41 degrees, and above 165 degrees. Temperatures are subject to inspection at any time by the Health Department.

Food handling, preparation, and serving must comply with all local and state guidelines, policies and rules.

The chamber will provide a hand washing, and 3 compartment sink. All participants must supply all cooking and setup supplies needed for preparation, including table, cooler, thermometer. Electricity and canopy will be provided.

To register, fill out application here

After registration, please email with confirmation. Registration deadline September 1st.

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