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  1. Exhibitor agrees to display merchandise in an attractive manner.

  2. Any objects found to be objectionable or unacceptable to the BACC must be removed upon request. Booth exhibits shall not include any political material or materials, which the BACC deems to be objectionable.

  3. Exhibitors must protect their exhibits, merchandise, and furniture, fixtures, from natural elements, such as wind, rain, hail, and other damaging occurrences.

  4. Exhibitors agree to assume all liability for damages loss caused to the premises or their exhibit area by reason of their exhibit and agree to indemnify and hold harmless The City of Bullard, The Bullard Area Chamber of Commerce, sponsor of the event, its directors, officers, and members for all liability which might ensue by reason of his/her exhibit or presence at the event.

  5. Exhibitors shall indemnify the sponsor against all liability resulting from negligence of the exhibitor, their agents or employees and shall reimburse the sponsor for any loss or expense incurred by reason of negligence.

  6. Exhibitors may not assign this contract or their space or sublet all or any part of their space.

  7. Exhibitors are responsible for all items in their booth and all damages to all items in their booth. City of Bullard, and BACC is not responsible and does not guarantee against loss or damage due to theft, fire, wind, hail, rain, accident, sunlight, cold, or injury or any other acts of God.

  8. The sponsor reserves the right to reject or prohibit any exhibit, proposed exhibit or part thereof, including with limitation, any person, articles, conduct, printed matter, catalogues or souvenirs that, in its opinion are not suitable to and in keeping with the character of the event.The decision of the BACC is final.

  9. No refunds will be made once payment has been submitted to BACC.No exceptions.

  10. Event may be cancelled prior to commencement due to acts of God or other actions that may endanger any participants or exhibitors.In the event that the Event is cancelled, absolutely no refunds will be issued.


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